Mar 12

PANDORA Lightens Up Christmas Tour in Shencheng

On December 5, 2017, the famous Danish jewelry brand PANDORA (Pandora Jewels) hosted the 2017 “Warm Winter” lighting ceremony at Shanghai Ganghang Plaza on Christmas Day. It opened Christmas in Shencheng. On the day of the event, Mr. Chen Bolin, Pandora China’s first brand friend, made a debut. Together with Mr. Tang Dongni, Managing Director of PANDORA China, and Mr. Wei Guoguo, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Henghui Plaza, Shanghai, he lit the PANDORA Rose Christmas Tree. With the press of a button, the flashing light extends and the ribbon-shaped Christmas tree is instantly filled with warm light. In the surrounding Christmas gift boxes, snowflakes, Christmas socks and other giant decorations under the dazzling dazzling, soft rose tones with a strong festive warmth, for every one of the festival of Christmas blessings.

PANDORA Rose Christmas Tree is 14 meters high. Unlike traditional Christmas trees, PANDORA Rose Christmas Tree is inspired by PANDORA’s classic flowing ribbons. Colorful ribbons spiral upwards, as if wrapped in a sparkling surprise. Draw a glimpse of PANDORA Rose. The unique Christmas tree exudes soft light. At the top of the tree, the classic crown shape of the brand shines brightly, combined with illusion of light and shadow. Under the tree, surrounded by the same tone of snowflakes, full of winter atmosphere. The surrounding giant decor is modeled on the PANDORA Christmas jewels, oversized gift boxes full of blessings, glittering snowflakes, Christmas stockings, giant Christmas garlands, and mobile pendant boxes with precious memories of the holiday season. The soft and sparkling decoration conveys the joyous Christmas atmosphere. People with beautiful shapes attract people to stop and have a souvenir.

At the lighting ceremony, the famous artist Chen Bolin was invited as the first brand friend of PANDORA in China. He was invited to this event. The “male god” who has shown his professional performance from the beginning of his career, with his signature smile and gestures Conquered numerous fans.

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