Mar 12

Pandora for Chinese New Year

The new Chinese brand of PANDORA, a light jewelry brand, debuted on January 11th, incorporating the festive totems of the East and the fun elements of the West to create a unique PANDORA ornament, besides the puppy beadwork of the Year of the Dog. Lord Charm is an indispensable fortune for New Year’s Day.

The Lunar New Year series of PANDORA light jewelry from Denmark has always been a favorite of female fans of the petty bourgeoisie, especially the zodiac series with commemorative value. This year, PANDORA launched beaded paws, Want Want Lucky Dogs and other bead decorations, due to the limited number of designs for each model. , you can get started early.

In order to celebrate the Year of the Dog, PANDORA collaborated with fashion illustrators to incorporate elegant jewelry into the paintings. The cute puppies in the painting interact with PANDORA jewelry and are very cute and lovable.

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