Mar 12

Pandora jewelry held autumn new products conference

As a continuation of the annual brand promotion “DO”, Pandora celebrates every moment with “Do See The Wonderful” to encourage modern women to stop in their busy lives. This conference is mainly divided into three major subject areas. The sculptural mega-device with artistic expression highlights the exquisite design details and outstanding craftsmanship of Pandora’s autumn new products; each area is decorated with distinctive decorative elements, reflecting the jewelry’s inspiration in this season. source. While enjoying the new jewellery, the guests recorded and shared the moments of the scene with the camera and celebrated the moment of joy with Pandora.

The three major theme areas are inspired by the design elements of the new autumn jewels. The “Pandora Hearts” region showcased the same-name jewelry collections in 925 silver, 14k gold, and Pandora Rose in three different shades of metal, mixed with the hot metal boom of the season. Hand-finished jewellery is flanked by iconic love cutouts. The “Pandora Hearts” area also uses love as a design element. Rose, silver and gold love decorations echo the three colors of new jewelry. Phrase autumn leaves, trees, rivers and other abstract natural elements outline a deep autumn atmosphere.

The second area is inspired by the “Geometric Ray Series” that sparkles in the new fall collection. The unique octagonal and pear-shaped flower cuts give the sparkling brilliance of the jewels, and are embedded in the jewelry of 925 silver and Pandora Rose. The minimalist style and luxury of geometric elements. From simple stud earrings, exquisite jewellery, to twisted-finger rings, the elegant modern design adds sleaze to the women’s everyday looks. Diamonds, squares and tear-drop elements are also vividly used in the decoration of the “Geometric Rays” area. The laminated metal diamonds create a shooting area that reflects the highlights of the conference. The exhibition area is highlighted by simple geometric origami. Jewelry design elements.

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