Mar 12

Hebe shows the beauty of confidence by Pandora

The Danish international jewelry brand PANDORA is crafted with the exquisite craftsmanship of exquisite quality, combined with fashion and exquisite design, to create women’s unique and vibrant jewelry. The PANDORA 2017 new autumn and winter collection is based on the theme of “DO SEE THE WONDERFUL”. It encourages women to listen to their hearts, be faithful to themselves, practice bravely, and actively celebrate and affirm every moment in their lives. Even ordinary days can be realized with careful thought. You can feel and discover the wonderful surprises that are hidden in your daily life and let your beautiful mood go hand in hand.

PANDORA specially invited the annual brand ambassador Tian Hao elegant to attend the presentation, the perfect interpretation of the new autumn and winter jewelry series. The concept of life coincides with the concept of the brand, and encourages women to remember their original intentions. When they are pursuing their dreams, they always remember themselves and through the celebration ceremony, they can see the beauty of life and inspire more fascinating confidence. Glory, quenching out a more beautiful dazzling self.

This autumn and winter, PANDORA design concept with all things in nature and people’s expression of emotions. Through the geometry, lines, and tears to create the Geometric Glow autumn series, every moment in life and all kinds of emotional elements are linked. The symbol of “eternality” exists between geometric structures, freezing the ever-elapsed time and reflecting the most precious moments in everyone’s hearts.

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